To make sure your car can perform at its best this winter, be sure to bring it to a trusted service center for winter auto service. Winter auto service can help your car prepare to take on cold weather and slippery roads, so you can enjoy great performance and a safe drive. At our Fremont, OH service center serving the Oak Harbor, OH area, we would be happy to take care of all your auto service needs.

With the following services, you can make sure your car is ready for winter driving:

  • Oil change: When temperatures drop, the viscosity of your oil changes, which affects how your engine runs. It's important to have an oil change to make sure your vehicle has the right type of oil for the winter, so your engine can run smoothly.
  • Tire replacement: It's a good idea to get snow tires in the winter. Regular tires don't provide enough traction for icy and snowy roads, and when the temperature gets really low, they can even crack. Snow tires are made for that type of weather, so they can provide the traction and cold-weather durability you need for a safe winter drive.
  • Battery check/replacement: Cold weather can drain your battery quickly. So if your car is taking longer to start, be sure to have your battery check and replaced to make sure your car has the power it needs to start with ease.
  • Heating system inspection: To make sure you can enjoy a comfortable ride this winter, have your heating system checked to make sure it's working properly.

At our service center serving the Tiffin, OH area, we can take care of your winter auto service needs. We have a top-notch service facility with all the latest tools and equipment. We also have a team of skilled, Ford-trained technicians who will take great care of your car. We will work hard to make sure your vehicle gets the right kind of service so that it can keep providing a great ride.

We offer competitive prices on all our services, so you can trust that you're getting a great deal when you service with us. We also offer a number of service specials to help you save even more. You can save on oil changes, car batteries, tires and more. Be sure to check out our specials before your service appointment to find out how you can save.

Winter Auto Service FAQ

  • Do I need snow tires? Snow tires are a good idea for drivers in cold areas that get a decent amount of snow. In other areas with warmer temperatures and only light snow, all-season tires are often enough.
  • My car has AWD/4WD. Do I still need snow tires? While AWD and 4WD systems can provide the power you need to prevent getting stuck or slipping while accelerating, snow tires can often prevent your car from slipping in the first place, and they make it easier to stop in slippery roads. Snow tires are a good idea for all drivers in snowy areas.
  • What's the best way to winterize my car? The services listed above can effectively winterize your car.

If you want to bring your car in for winter auto service, be sure to make an appointment at our Fremont, OH dealership serving the Clyde, OH area. We will gladly take care of all your auto service needs, so your car can perform at its best all season long.

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